♦Holiday Rewards Program

At Starport, we understand the need to balance work life and home life. In a committed effort to better serve the owner operators in our lease purchase program, we have designed an optional holiday program to help alleviate some of these pressures.

All wise and experienced owner operators know that the week of Christmas and the week of New Year's can be difficult to manage for two reasons: low freight availability and their desire for increased home time.

For only a fractional amount per week, our owner operators have the option of taking one or even two weeks off during the week of Christmas and/or the week of New Year.  Consider the possibilities!  You could take a vacation, take a stay-cation at home, or even continue working and maximize your revenue!

At Starport, we are committed to helping you to be successful with your goals in your career, and this is just one of the ways we help support our valued lease operators!